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Why You Think so Much Negative Stuff

The more I understand how my brain works, the better chance I have to run it well.


Great Baseball Players Deal with ___________ (video)

I've spent quite a bit of time picking the brains of some of baseball's all-time best. (I think I got the idea for it playing Sports Illustrated's All-time All-star Baseball Game as a kid … did anyone else play that?) One of the many huge secrets I've learned is revealed in the video below. I...


Baseball Confidence: Baseball Has No Meaning (here’s why)

Hi: Here's the big news of the day (and every day, all day): Baseball is meaningless. But don't worry… it doesn't mean anything that it doesn't mean anything…. Let me explain….


3 Levels of The Mental Game of Baseball

Hey — Check out this video where I break down the mental game into 3 levels. The higher the level you work at, the greater the impact on your performance. Using “Big League" mental training is like using a longer lever. Give me a long enough level and I'll move the world!